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The when's, where's, whats and hows of keeping your garden beautiful

It's much more relaxing to unwind in a beautiful garden. Above all when you plants and garden are maintained and healthy. To acheive this, it only takes a small amount of work with the correct implements at the correct time of day and year. Here, you will find some tips for how you can turn your garden into a paradise for grown-ups and children alike.

Handy Tips & Ideas from a Garden Guru

AL-KO Garden would like to welcome Trevor Cochrane from the Garden Gurus as the latest guest writer for 2013. Stay tuned for gardening hints, tips & advice straight from the Guru!



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Trevor Cocharne's Garden Tips

Trevor Cochrane's Garden Tips #23

[Posted: 14 Jun, 2013]

White fly attacks on indoor plants are common during the cooler months. These pests can be treated simply with Confidor.


Trevor Cochrane's Garden Tips #22

[Posted: 11 Jun, 2013]

Garden centres are full of beautiful ornamental deciduous trees that are ideal for north-westerly aspects in the garden. These trees provide shade in summer and allow in the winter sun during the colder winter months. They also provide sensational foliage colour in autumn and often beautiful flowers in summer. Buying these trees when they are decidous saves around 30% off normal prices.


Trevor Cochrane's Garden Tips #21

[Posted: 6 Jun, 2013]

This is the traditional month for buying bare-rooted deciduous fruit trees, including peach, pear, nashi fruit, nectarine, plum, persimmon, apple as well as deciduous vines like kiwi fruit and grapes.


Trevor Cochrane's Garden Tips #20

[Posted: 3 Jun, 2013]

Turn off your sprinklers now. Your garden will get all the water it needs from the heavens above for the next few months.


Trevor Cochrane's Garden Tips #19

[Posted: 31 May, 2013]

Buy strawberries now. Make sure you plant out virus-free stock supplied by quality garden centres.


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The when's, where's, whats and hows of keeping your garden beautiful

Selecting The Correct Hedge Size

[Posted: 11 Apr, 2013]

When planning a garden that will be incorporating hedges for either defining, screening or dividing it is important to give careful consideration to the size of the hedge you select.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

[Posted: 11 Apr, 2013]

Modern push mowers have been designed around the basic cylinder mower you may have used in the past, but due to some very innovative design upgrades, they can now handle all the requirements of the modern day garden enthusiast and are again gaining popularity.

Summer Lawn & Garden Maintainence

[Posted: 11 Apr, 2013]

With the hotter weather approaching, we also need to think about how to make sure the garden continues to thrive.
In order to help you along, we have compiled 6 simple steps to keep your lawn & garden looking lush and green.

Mulching Your Way To A Healthy Lawn

[Posted: 21 Feb, 2013]

Did you know mulch is just as vital to the health of your lawn as it is to your garden beds?

From providing nutrients for the soil to saving significant amounts of time and money, this is one of the smartest things that you can do to ensure the health of your lawn.

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