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Payments & Order Cancellations


AL-KO International is an Australian owned Company.
The name that will appear on your statement after you have made your payment is
"AL-KO International Pty LTD"

All transactions made through the AL-KO Australia online store will be billed in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Order Cancellations

With the exception of special orders, orders may be cancled and a full refund issued at any time prior to despatch upon provision of a cancelation request.
Requests must be in writing received by us via post or e-mail at 67 Nathan Rd, Dandenong South, Victoria, 3175 and include your full name, payment method, order reference number and the reason for your request.

Cancelations will only be offered on orders that have not been despatched. For more information on obtaining a refund on orders that have been despactched, please refer to our warranty and returns page.

Visa - Shop Anywhere With Absolutely No Risk

We support the use of Visa because your peace of mind and protection are paramount to them. Visa's Zero Liability policy is our guarantee that you would not be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your Visa payment card.

How It Works

1. Shop worry-free Use your Visa payment card to make purchases at millions of locations. Visa will always protect you from unauthorized use.

2. Report suspicious charges Review your monthly statement and report any fraudulent charges to your financial institution.

3. Get quick resolution on your Visa card If applicable, your financial institution may remove fraudulent transactions or extend provisional credit for losses from unauthorized card use.

Shop worry-free at millions of merchants You can use your card to shop with confidence. That is because Visa protects your card information 24/7 and you would not be held liable for unauthorized purchases made with your card or account information.

Review your monthly account statement and report fraudulent charges Take the time to look at your monthly Visa statement, and let your financial institution know if anything appears incorrect so swift action to regain control of your account and to resolve the situation for you can occur.

Count on quick resolution on your Visa card If your account is compromised, Visa is committed to setting things right without further aggravation or inconvenience to you. Visa's cardholder protection policy requires all financial institutions issuing Visa products to extend provisional credit for losses from unauthorized card use within 5 business days of notification of the loss.

Call your issuing bank for their terms and conditions or for more information.

Mastercard - Protecting You Against Unauthorised Transactions

We support the use of Master card because your MasterCard card is protected from fraud and unauthorised charges in ways that are not available with other forms of payment like cash.
As a MasterCard cardholder, you are protected under the MasterCard Zero Liability policy for unauthorised transactions and they could be transactions made in stores, over the telephone, or on the internet if the following five conditions are met:

You have exercised vigilant care in safeguarding your card from risk of loss, theft, or unauthorised use; and You immediately and without delay notify your card issuer upon discovery of the loss, theft, or unauthorised use; and You have not reported two or more incidents of unauthorised use in the preceding 12 months; and Your account is in good standing; and You have complied with the terms and conditions of the cardholder agreement.

Securepay - The PCI DSS Compliant Gateway

With over 20,000 clients it is understandable that SecurePay is focused on meeting security standards that are industry leading.

The focus of our security is centred around the safe processing and storage of sensitive personal Credit Card, Charge Card and Direct Entry information. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) Compliance is a strict security standard the card schemes (Visa and MasterCard) have introduced globally to ensure personal information is properly protected. SecurePay holds the highest level of PCI DSS accreditation.

SecurePay's Operations Network is audited on an ongoing basis by external auditors, namely Vectra Corporation, for the purpose of certifying compliance with PCI DSS.

Ongoing network scans, a requirement of PCI DSS, are completely regularly and are performed by McAfee Secure.